Virtual Vita Nuova

Today is my father s birthday, he would have been 97.



He was an engineer, my mother was a paediatrician. I was the black sheep of the family studying art, music, literature, philosophy. But Today with this very dangerous new wave of aggressive anti scientific moods, theories, movements, I want to express my deep credo in science, technology, ratio. If i had two lives i would have studied nuclear physics, maybe i still will…

I have chills in this corona emergency because of the the no-vaxx, antiscientific, anti rational, denialists leading to new dark times, totalitarian obscurantism, nationalism …and Hypatia comes to my mind…I was supposed to write a novel on her many years ago but then the wars in the Balkans shifted my attention to more urgent matters in my courtyard. And i wrote the Diary of the Political Idiot. But today the global world has become…

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