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Virtual Vita Nuova

While I’m living in pandemic quarantine, my outlook has become virtualized and elementary… a life observed from my screen or my balcony.

Less is more. Details are the big picture. Art is life. As the pandemic rules over humankind, confining us in a high-tech worldwide prison, my time as an online early-adopter has ironically become the norm. Beware what you wish for, you may get it.

Adversity is revealing of character. Obstacles stimulate creativity…or maybe misery makes you crueler, so that obstacles seem weaker. What did I see from my Turinese balcony? The backdrop of the beautiful Alps in purple-tinted twilight snow, while ambulance sirens moaned in my street.

Picture one: my little window toys, solar-powered rainbow makers, cast vivid colors through my window as a grim red-and-white ambulance stops across the street. Three unearthly creatures, medical techs fully-shrouded in plague-resistant transparent plastic, debark in haste from their medical conveyance…

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Virtual Vita Nuova

Today is my father s birthday, he would have been 97.



He was an engineer, my mother was a paediatrician. I was the black sheep of the family studying art, music, literature, philosophy. But Today with this very dangerous new wave of aggressive anti scientific moods, theories, movements, I want to express my deep credo in science, technology, ratio. If i had two lives i would have studied nuclear physics, maybe i still will…

I have chills in this corona emergency because of the the no-vaxx, antiscientific, anti rational, denialists leading to new dark times, totalitarian obscurantism, nationalism …and Hypatia comes to my mind…I was supposed to write a novel on her many years ago but then the wars in the Balkans shifted my attention to more urgent matters in my courtyard. And i wrote the Diary of the Political Idiot. But today the global world has become…

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Out of Serbia


Virtual Vita Nuova

wrote this at the Zurich airport a week ago…

Out of Serbia, shall i say finally, out of Belgrade the city where i was born where i had a child, and other best and worst moments of my life! Yes, after almost 4 months of the corona clinch lockdown between a totalitarian president Vucic and a irresponsible tennis star acting as a role model Djokovic, dictating rules and moods…I think i am done with Serbia, not for good but as a nostalgia. Those things i remember fondly will still be in my heart and mind but they are gone, there is only a echo, an imitation of that life i am missing.
What is a writer who does not write? A woman who does whatever she does when she does not write. So i didn’t write much during the lockdown and all the news pouring in as black water, some…

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