The Rich and the Normal

Virtual Vita Nuova

A few weeks ago, the Italian people finally broke the political framework that dates to the end of the second world war.   The M5S Five Stars Movement, a party without a heritage, won the most popular votes.   The M5S has been on a wave of growth since winning mayoral control of some Italian cities.

 The second-ranking parties are also new in their outlook, since they are right wing populists, anti-immigration, anti-European,  or pro-capitalist oligarch fronts.

Berlusconi returned from the political wilderness,  elderly now and still infamous for his bunga-bunga orgies with minors,  but carrying on his personality cult as if  nothing had ever happened.   

The true loser is the democratic party, the pro-NATO centre-left, the stabilising major coalition party which gave many Italian premiers and presidents and set the twentieth-century tone of  Italy  as a founder of Europe and a pillar of the welfare state.   This…

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